Decision on the recognition of designation 'natural mineral water'

The procedure of the recognition of the natural mineral water is initiated on the basis of the application lodged by the producer with the competent authority. Attachments, such as physical and chemical research, analysis assessment and report, are commissioned by the producer with the authorised institute (Institute of Public Health Maribor,Institute of Public Health Celje, Institute of Public Health Novo mesto), conducting them:

  • at the spring
  • after filling
  • in the case that the procedure of processing natural mineral water is performed during the filling (filtration, decantation, oxidation or extraction of compounds with Ozone), each application must include also the research after the processing.

An expert committee, appointed by the ministry, then examines the application and gives an opinion.

On the basis of the positive opinion of the expert committee, a decision on the recognition of the designation 'natural mineral water' is issued.

Acquisition of a permit

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 30. 09. 2015