Phytosanitary inspection at import

A phytosanitary inspection or official inspection is mandatory for shipments of plants, plant products or controlled items from the V.B list. The phytosanitary inspection is conducted by the phytosanitary inspector at the first entry point to the EU. Such shipments must be accompanied with the original phytosanitary certificate of the exporting country.

The phytosanitary inspection of the shipment establishes whether:

  • the shipment is accompanied by the valid phytosanitary certificate,
  • if the shipment applies to the indications in the phytosanitary certificate,
  • if the shipment is not infected with harmful organisms from the I.A list (I.A.I and I.A.II lists) and II.A list (II.A.I and II.A.II lists);
  • if the shipment does not contain plants, plant products or controlled items from III.A list;
  • if the shipment fulfils special phytosanitary requirements from the IV.A list (IV.A.I and IV.A.II lists).

The phytosanitary inspection comprises the inspection of documents, the authenticity of shipment and the health inspection of the shipment and mean of transport.

The importer applies the shipment for an official inspection at the phytosanitary inspector, i.e. at the entry point of the import. The application is lodged in written form including all documents that accompany the shipment and most comprise especially:

  • the name and company name or the head office of the company of the exported shipment;
  • the name and company name or the head office of the company of the shipment recipient;
  • the type and number of the mean of transport;
  • the origin of plants,
  • plant type,
  • method and number of packaging and quantity;
  • importer's registration number;
  • phytosanitary certificate reference number.

After the concluded inspection, the phytosanitary issues a decision allowing or rejecting import.

The phytosanitary inspection can be performed for shipments not on the V.B list, if the phytosanitary inspector or the competent customs authority suspects that there is a hazard for health protection of plants or there is some doubt on the authenticity of the shipment. A fee must be paid for the phytosanitary inspection of shipments when they are imported from third countries. The fee is paid with regard to the size and type of shipment.

The phytosanitary inspection is not required for the import of small quantities of plants, plant products and controlled items from the V.B list and which are brought to the Republic of Slovenia.

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 17. 05. 2016