Professional examination for the provision of work to the user

The professional exam is taken by employees at employers who perform the activity of the provisions of work to the user. The programme of the professional examination comprises the following areas:
  • labour market, the goals and activity of the Employment Service;
  • material regulations in several areas;
  • services for labour market;
  • active employment policy;
  • unemployment insurance;
  • the basics of office operations and the obligations of the employees of the Employment Service with regard to documentary materials;
  • the safety of operations. 

Employees lodge an application on the form "Application for professional examination" for taking the professional examination – the first part is filled out by the candidate, the second part by the employer. The application form is sent within the tender deadline to the Employment Service, i.e. to the Department for HR and organisation matters and development.

The professional examination is taken in written or oral form. The written and oral parts of the professional examination are normally taken in one day. Successfully passed written part of the professional examination is the condition to take the oral part of the exam.

If a candidate fails to pass the oral part, they must resit it. A resit of the oral part of the examination costs EUR 53.00. The oral part of the exam is taken after the concluded written part of the professional examination, i.e. immediately after the president of the exam commission announces the results of the written part of the professional examination.

The Slovenian Employment Service issues a confirmation on the passed professional examination to the candidate who successfully passes the written and oral parts of the professional examination.

Responsible: Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities | Last updated: 17. 12. 2015