Concession for the provision of work

The ministry competent for labour can conclude a concession contract to authorise the organisation or employer who fulfils the staff, organisational and other conditions to perform expert tasks of provision of work, which also includes the provision of temporary or occasional work to secondary school and university students.

The authorised organisation or employer cannot enter the provision of work in the court register or apply the initiation of the performance of this activity, if no concession contract has been concluded.

The organisation or employer who wants to provide work addresses the application for the granting of concession to the ministry competent for labour.

Such application shall contain:

  • name and head office of the legal entity or sole entrepreneur, data on the management, representation and scope of authorisations;
  • the field of activity for which the application is lodged;
  • data on persons that will perform the concession activity;
  • the list and description of technical equipment for the implementation of activities;
  • the method of protecting personal data in accordance with the rules on the protection of personal data;
  • indication whether any other activity is performed besides the intended activity;
  • accurate address of the place of performance of the intended activity;
  • envisaged financial sources for performing an activity.

In the case of activity of employment and work brokerage, the ministry can obtain the opinion of the Slovenian Employment Service on granting the concession, and in the case when work is provided for pupils and students they can obtain the opinion of the Slovenian Student Organisation.

When deciding about the application for granting the concession, the ministry competent for labour considers the number of unemployed at the branch office of the Slovenian Employment Service, employers' needs for work or employment of new workers in this area, the number of pupils and students in an individual field and their social position, the number of concessionaires in an individual area and respecting regulations at the operations of the applicant. 

The ministry competent for labour decides on the application for granting the concession, i.e. with an administrative procedure decision.

The applicant can provide work when the concession contract is concluded.

The ministry competent for labour concludes a concession contract with the applicant who was granted the concession. The concession provider and the concessionaire regulate mutual concession relationship with the concession contract, especially:

  • the type and scope of service subject to the concession;
  • the start of implementation of concession;
  • the time for which the concession contract is concluded;
  • the amount of recognised costs and the amount of deducted funds;
  • concessionaire's duty of reporting to the concession provider;
  • contractual sanctions with regard to the non-implementation or inappropriate implementation of the concession;
  • financial, expert and administrative control plan, performed by the concession provider;
  • the method of altering the concession contract or concession relationship;
  • the termination of validity of the concession contract and its potential extension;
  • the obligations of the concessionaire at preliminary termination of contract validity;
  • other provisions relevant for the determination and implementation of activities subject to the concession.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Other activities

The concession contract is concluded for maximum one year.

Organisations or employers who have concluded the concession contracts with the ministry, lodge the application for the extension of the new concession at least two months prior to the expiry of the validity of the concession contract.

These applications are considered as applications received simultaneously. Other applications for the granting of the concession are considered according to the order as received at the ministry.

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Responsible: Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities | Last updated: 17. 12. 2015