Entry in the register of pigs (CRP)

Pig owner can apply for access to central register of pigs (VOLOS online application). The animal owner must submit an application for accessing the VOLOS portal. The animal owner must arrange the entry in the register of livestock owners (EIRŽ), the appropriate marking of pigs and must manage a register of pigs at the farm holding.

The acquisition of access and use are free of charge, the programme use is simple.

The CRP manages the Animal Identification and Registration Sector (SIR) in electronic form. The CRP comprises the following data:

  • animal status at farms;
  • movements of animals among farms;
  • operational data on animal marking;
  • supervision of the implementation of provisions of these rules;
  • on the providers of public services in marking and registration of pigs;
  • on persons with access to data from the CRP.

At least once a year, SIRI issues the extract from the CRP.

The owner can authorise public services providers for the mentioned services (agricultural and forestry institute, veterinarian organisation with a concession).

Acquisition of a permit

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Legal basis/grounds

Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 24. 05. 2016