Entry in the Register of livestock owners

The owners who breed the following animals must enter in the register:

  • bovine animals, ungulates;
  • small cattle, pigs, game from the wire pen, alpacas, llamas, snails;
  • poultry, rabbits;
  • aquaculture, bees.

An owner of breeding animals enters in the register of owners on the basis of an application with the following data:

  • name and surname or the company and address or the head office of the owner of animals;
  • personal identification number (hereinafter referred to as: PIN), or the registration number of the business entity of the owner of animals or tax ID number;
  • location of the holding (postal address if available, otherwise geographical coordinates of the location – N,E according to ETRS89), and exceptionally also the data from the cadastre (cadastral municipality, plot);
  • identification number of the agricultural holding (KMG-MID) if available, or the identification number of the holding (G-MID) if available;
  • number by the species of breeding animals;
  • signature of the owner;
  • with the owner's consent also the contact information (e-mail and telephone numbers)

Agricultural holdings entered in the official records and kept within the scope of the competent authority and which indicate that the owner breeds the animals at the location of the holding are entered in the register of owners ex officio.

An owner of breeding animals must report any changes of the data on the owner or holding within 30 days after the change at the latest.

Before the entry in the register of owners of animals, an owner of animals must have appropriate education or be professionally qualified.

List of activities

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 22. 10. 2015