Entry in the register of breeding facilities for laying hens

The facilities for breeding laying hens must be registered at the competent authority.

The owner of laying hens must submit an application for the registration of facilities at the holding for breeding laying hens at the competent authority, which must contain:

  • the name and address or company name and head office of the holder of activity and the holding address;
  • the name and address of the person (herdsman) who is responsible for animals;
  • registration numbers of other facilities managed by the same herdsman;
  • the name and address or the company and head office of the owner of the facility or holding, if they are not the same as herdsman;
  • registration numbers of other holdings owned by the facility owner;
  • type of breeding;
  • maximum capacity of the facility expressed with the number of animals per facility;
  • the maximum number of animals per facility for each type of breeding, if there are various types of breeding.

Based on the suitability of the facility and administrative as well as content review of the application, the competent authority issues a decision determining the registration number for each facility per holding and enters it in the register of breeding facilities for laying hens.

The registration number is composed of numbers that present the type of breeding, country code (SI), two-digit TRACES number of the regional competent authority, the number of the farm holding that is followed by the two digit number of the facility.

The register of breeding facilities for laying hens is managed by the competent authority.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection (UVHVVR)
Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 02. 06. 2016