Notification of a cosmetic product

Before a cosmetic product is launched on the market, the responsible person must electronically register the cosmetic product with the European Commission.

The responsible person submits the following information to the European Commission in electronic form:

  •  cosmetic product category, name or names that enable specific identification;
  • the name and address of the responsible person where the documentation is always accessible with information on the cosmetic product;
  • the country of origin in the case of import;
  • the Member State where the cosmetic product will be launched;
  • contact data of the natural person for contact;
  • the presence of substances in the form of nano materials;
  • the name and CAS number (Chemicals Abstracts Service) or ES number of substances that are considered as cancerogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR), 1A or 1B category;
  • frame formulation that enables fast and appropriate treatment in case of problems.

Electronic notification of a cosmetic product is performed via the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal or CPNP.

Prior to the launch of the cosmetic product in the market, the responsible person performs an assessment of safety and report on the safety of the cosmetic product which must be appropriately labelled; if it contains nano materials, they must be registered.

It is not relevant for the notification, but in case of supervision, the cosmetic product must have appropriate composition and consider the requirements with regard to animal testing.

Acquisition of a permit

Responsible: Ministry of Health | Last updated: 11. 02. 2016