Concession agreement for insemination implementation

The competent authority grants the concession for implementing insemination based on a public tender.

The provider of insemination implementation services submits an application at the competent authority. After an administrative and content review, the competent authority decides on the selection of the concessionaire.

If the provider of insemination implementation services is a recognised breeding organisation with an approved breeding programme, which is included in the JFBP, the concession is granted with the decision ex officio without a public tender.

Mutual relations between the competent authority and the concessionaires are arranged with a concession agreement that comprises:

  • the tasks of the public service performed by the concessionaire,
  • concessionaire's responsible person,
  • person responsible for implementing individual public services tasks,
  • natural entities performing individual tasks,
  • the areas for which the concession is allocated,
  • the method and conditions for performing public services tasks,
  • the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the concessionaire,
  • working hours,
  • start and duration of the concession,
  • financing source,
  • the method of supervising the performance of public services,
  • the termination of the concession and the deadline for the termination of the concession agreement.

The concession is terminated:

  • by withdrawal or
  • termination of the agreement.

For acquiring the concession, the concessionaire or the provider of insemination must ensure appropriate equipment and premises, staff, insemination during the entire year, a concluded agreement with the insemination centre.

The providers of insemination implementation services with a concession are veterinary organisations.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Responsible: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food | Last updated: 22. 09. 2016