Professional examination

Professional examination is composed of three parts which the candidate takes orally in the following order:
  1.  constitutional regulations in the Republic of Slovenia, EU institutions and
  2. their legal systems and regulations on human and children's right and
  3. fundamental freedoms, regulations in sport and Slovenian written language.

The candidate who wants to take the professional examination, must apply with a form. The application is submitted directly to the ministry and sent by post.

The professional exam is taken in front of an exam commission. The interviewer of each part of the professional exam grades the candidate's success for that part of the exam. The grade for each individual part of the professional examination and entire professional exam is passed or failed. The candidate passes the professional examination if all parts of the professional examination are passed.

The professional examination can be taken by an individual who passed internship, has appropriate education and an active knowledge of Slovenian.

Acquisition of a permit

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 11. 02. 2016