The authorisation for the entry from and to the EU Member States, import, export of nuclear and radioactive substances and transit of nuclear and radioactive substances

An authorisation from the authority competent for nuclear safety, except for radioactive substances used in health care or veterinary practice, for which the authorisation is issued by the authority competent for protection against radiation, must be acquired for the entry of nuclear substances from and to the EU Member States and for the import and export of nuclear and radioactive substances.

The entry of radioactive substances from the EU Member States and to the Member States is regulated by the EU legal acts that apply on the EU territory.

The authorisation from the authority competent for nuclear safety must be acquired for transit of nuclear substances and sources of radiation with significant activity.

The measures of radiation and nuclear safety in the process of dispatch of radioactive and nuclear substances on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia are assessed during the procedure of issuing the authorisation under the first and third paragraphs.

The authorisation for the entry from the EU Member States and the import of nuclear substances and the import of radioactive substances is issued only if their recipient has an appropriate authorisation for implementing a radiation activity. If the measure involves the entry or import of nuclear fuel for first reactor core loading, the authorisation is issued if the recipient has the authorisation under the 10th item of the first paragraph of Article 79 of this Act.

The authorisation is issued for one or several shipments for maximum three years.

The authorisation issued does not impact the responsibility of the holder, transporter, owner or recipient or any other person that participates at the transport of shipment with regard to radiation or nuclear safety under this Act.

Radioactive waste, spent fuel, nuclear and radioactive substances are shipped in packaging as determined by the regulations in the field of hazardous goods transport.

When the application is being assessed, the competent authority also considers the confirmation on the plan of physical security during transport, which is acquired from the ministry competent for internal affairs. The physical security plan has to be prepared if this is required by regulations on physical security.

If this involves the application for acquiring the authorisation for multiple shipments the following must be indicated: 

  • the envisaged total number of shipments and
  • the type of radionuclide, the envisaged maximum individual activity and envisaged maximum total activity of an individual shipment.

The application for the acquisition of the authorisation for the transit of nuclear substances or radiation sources with significant activity must be submitted at the competent authority at least two months before the envisaged transit.

List of activities

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Last updated: 17. 02. 2016