Entry in the register of suppliers of markings

A provider who wants to supply markings must submit an application for the entry in the register at the competent authority.  

The application must contain:

1. general information about the supplier: 

  • name and surname or title and address of the provider;
  • documents proving that they have suitable technical and staff sources enabling the supply;
  • the statement proving that they are not registered as animal store or employed at a legal entity registered as animal store;
  • the statement that they do not breed animals that must be marked;
  • a statement that the offered marking fulfils all requirements with regard to the form, quality and the uniqueness of the code and reference of the marking producer;
  • the statement on ensuring the supplies of markings in offered delivery periods;
  • the statement that they have appropriate equipment for sending data to the register;
  • the description of the control system for ensuring the accuracy of coding and the quality of the delivery of ordered markings, the sample of markings and tools for marking. 

 2. offer that applies for at least one year and which must indicate:  

  • delivery dates for markings;
  • the price of markings;
  • the price of tools for markings.

The supplier must ensure: 

  • the supply of goods offered in the application;
  • prices from the offer must not change during the validity of the offer;
  • the response to each order regardless of the quantity or type of goods indicated in the offer. 

The supplier can change the statements from the application or change the conditions for the supply of markings and tools for marking only upon the ministry's consent.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Responsible: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning | Last updated: 17. 02. 2016