Authorisation for implementing radioactivity monitoring

The provider of radioactivity monitoring and the entity obliged for operational or extraordinary radioactivity monitoring that implements the monitoring of emissions, must have the authorisation of the competent authority to implement this activity.

The authorisation is a document used to recognise the qualification for implementing environmental radioactivity monitoring or operational or extraordinary radioactivity monitoring to a legal or natural entity.

The competent authority issues an authorisation in the scope for which the entity requests with regard to the type, area and scope of environmental radioactivity monitoring or operational or extraordinary radioactivity monitoring.

For acquiring the authorisation, the person must submit evidence on fulfilling the following conditions: 

  • they have appropriate status;
  • they are registered for implementing activities;
  • they have the accreditation of the national accreditation service for testing according to the SIST ISO/IEC 17025 standard for those measurements, for which an authorisation is requested;
  • they have measurement equipment that applies to demands determined in these rules for the types of measurements subject to the authorisation request;
  • they ensure the capacity of the measurement equipment, which at least by one third exceeds the envisaged scope of measurements, subject to the authorisation request;
  • they have equipment, necessary for the implementation of extraordinary radioactivity monitoring, determined in Article 43 of these rules;
  • they implement the comparable measurements programme and cooperate in international inter-comparison measurements.

The application for the authorisation does not have to include evidence under the previous paragraph, which can be obtained by the competent authority from official records.

The application for authorisation must comprise data on the organisation and ownership structure of the legal entity if the latter is not registered in the Republic of Slovenia.

In exceptional cases, involving a special measuring method, for which there is no authorised service provider who would be appropriately accredited for this method, no accreditation is required for the acquisition of the authorisation. In this case measurements must be performed within the scope of the quality system approved by the entity and confirmed by the competent authority.

The authorisation for individual types of radioactivity monitoring is issued by the competent authority for nuclear safety in consent with the authority competent for protection against radiation for maximum five years. 

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Other activities

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