Boat master exam

A person who operates a boat must take the boat master exam.

The exam is composed of the theoretical and practical part. The exam takes maximum 30 minutes.

The theoretical part is taken orally and encompasses knowledge test in the following contents:

  • rules on avoiding collision at sea,
  • maritime regulations,
  • basics of navigation,
  • basics of engine operations,
  • seafarer work and skills.

The practical part:

  • at the subject on rules on avoiding collision at sea encompasses the knowledge test in avoiding the collision at overpassing, crossing and opposite courses;
  • the exam for the basics of navigation involves the determination of the boat position, nautical maps, their reading and use, determining the course of navigation, measuring the distance and types or ropes as well their use with knots.

A candidate who wishes to take the exam must submit a written application at the Slovenian Maritime Administration that determines the exam deadline. The candidate receives a certificate on the qualification for boat master when the exam is passed. The certificate on the qualification for boat master is issued by the Slovenian Maritime Administration with unlimited validity.

The candidate has the right to a complaint submitted in written form in 24 hours or on the next working day after the exam.

Legal basis/grounds

Last updated: 17. 02. 2016