Entry in the register of ships

A ship built at a Slovenian shipyard can be registered in the register at the Slovenian Maritime Administration upon the request of the ship owner.

The register is a public book composed of the registers of ships, boats and vessels. Each register is composed of the general ledger and the collection of documents.

The general ledger is composed of inserts.

An insert has:

  • sheet A

Sheet A comprises data on the identity of the ship or the ship in construction as well as its basic technical features.

  • sheet B

Sheet B comprises the name and permanent residence or company and head office of the ship owner or their limitations with regard to free disposal of the ship. The personal or company identification number of the owner is entered in sheet B.

  • sheet C

Sheet C comprises material rights encumbered on the ship or its part, and related rights, the lease of the ship, shipping contract for the ship, pre-emptive right and other limitations of ship disposal.

The register can be managed as an electronic data collection.

After the entry of the ship in the register, the owner of the ship receives a Decision on the entry of the ship in the register.

Legal basis/grounds

Last updated: 17. 02. 2016