Entry in the register of publicly valid short-cycle study programmes

A school can start performing a higher education activity after being entered in the register, managed by the ministry. Data about the founder and providers are entered in the register, along with the premises used by the school for implementing full and part-time study or distance learning, as well as for implementing publicly valid study programmes abroad, which are organised by the school independently or in cooperation with other schools.

Each change of the implemented study programme, the appointment of new lecturers and the change of premises which occurs after the entry in the register, must be notified to the ministry within eight days.

The procedure for entering a private school in the register is initiated upon the founder's application. The application must be lodged at least six months prior to the envisaged tender for the entry in higher professional education.

The school submits an application for the entry in the register to the ministry and attaches:

  • the implementing study programme;
  • data about the director or principal, organiser of practical education, lecturers, instructors, laboratory personnel, librarian and study and student affairs officer;
  • data on the premises and equipment;
  • concluded contracts on cooperation with employers for practical education of students;
  • act of incorporation;
  • confirmation on single lectures in original or certified copy, if the lecturer has not passed the professional examination;
  • decisions on appointment of a short-cycle higher education institution lecturer in original or certified copy;
  • concluded contracts on practical education of students or statements of employers on the intention to conclude contracts;
  • employment contracts or contracts on work, concluded with the principal, practical education organiser, study and student affairs officer and other professional staff within the scope of the programme.

If the school submits statements on the intention to conclude contracts, these have to be submitted until the start of the study year of the planned programme at the latest.

The school is entered in the register when all the conditions for the implementation of the programme are fulfilled. A decision is issued stipulating how many first year students can be admitted in an individual study year, and the study year when the programme is initiated.

Every five years, the ministry ex officio and even earlier upon the proposal of the national agency or inspectorate competent for education once again verifies the fulfilment of conditions.

Acquisition of a permit

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Administrative dispute
  • Competent authority: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia
Responsible: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport | Last updated: 11. 02. 2016