Selection of training providers

Training providers are selected by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning based on a public call for cooperation at the implementation of the service technicians training.

The public call is open until at least three training providers are not selected for the implementation of training and verifying the qualification of service technicians in individual fields.

The candidate submits an application upon a public call, including the draft of the training programme and the proposal of the list of exams.

The relationship between the competent authority and the training provider is arranged in the contract.

The training provider is entered in the register of service technician training register, managed by the competent authority.

The training provider must dispose of appropriate premises and equipment and have suitable references and staff.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Responsible: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning | Last updated: 18. 02. 2016