Library exam

The library exam for appropriate professional qualification is implemented to establish and assess professional qualification of the apprentice for independent performance of works and tasks, performed at the library.

A person who is employed as a professional librarian and has no library exam, must pass the exam in two years at the latest.

The exam committee takes a maximum 50 candidates for each exam period, where the date of the postal stamp is considered.

Library workers who have completed the apprenticeship or the prescribed training period for library activities and who fulfil the conditions for sitting the professional exam can pass the library exam.

The library exam is oral; a candidate is questioned on all subjects on the same day. Initially, the general part of the exam is performed, and this is followed by the verification of knowledge in expert subjects. A successfully passed general part is the condition for passing expert subjects.

If a candidate does not pass the general part exam, they can resit the exam at the following exam period. A candidate who successfully passes the library exam, receives a confirmation on the acquired expert library qualification on the prescribed form. A candidate who received a negative grade for one exam subject, can resit the exam for this subject after one month. If the candidate received negative grades for two or more exam subjects or did not pass the resit exam, may resit the exam after three months. Candidates can resit the exam two times.

Library workers who have passed the professional library exam and also acquired the level of education during their employment at the library, which is higher than previous level of education, may pass a differential professional exam.

The price of the library exam is EUR 100; the price of a differential exam is EUR 80.

With the library exam, the candidate obtains the right to a vocation and professional title that applies to the level of the acquired school education and professional apprenticeship, i.e.:

  • a person with professional high school or appropriate general education receives the title librarian,
  • a person with higher professional or appropriate college education receives the title senior librarian,
  • a person with specialisation after higher education (previous), higher professional or university education receives the title chartered librarian.

Legal protection

  • Judicial remedy: Appeal
  • Competent authority: Commission for the Recognition of Qualifications in Librarianship
Responsible: National University Library | Last updated: 17. 12. 2015