Authorised service technician exam

An authorised service technician for handling equipment that contains ozone depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases must be professionally qualified.

The candidate for a service technician can be included in the training programme composed of the theoretical and practical part. The candidate can take the exam after the concluded training programme. An applicant applies for the examination at the training provider with a written application. The deadline for the application is 15 days prior to the exam deadline at the latest.

A list of exams that determines the content of the exam, the methods of taking the exam and its scope (product, service, work tests), the duration of the exam, evaluation criteria, minimum conditions for passing the exam and recommended literature is prepared for an individual training and test programme.

The candidate's knowledge is evaluated with passed or failed. A pass grade is given to a candidate who successfully passes at least 50 % of the content of questions of the individual part of the exam.

After passing the exam, the candidate receives a certificate on the training for handling ozone depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases that remains valid for five years. The competent authority enters the candidate in the register of authorised service technicians ex officio.

The costs of training service technicians and the costs of the exam are covered by the candidates directly to the training provider.

The candidate has the right to an appeal at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, i.e. against the notification on the failed exam. The appeal must be lodged in eight days after the receipt of the notification.

The candidate can take the exam for the authorised service technician only if they meet the age, education and work experience criteria and have passed the training programme.

Conditions and evidence

Acquisition of a permit

Other activities

Last updated: The certificate is valid for five years.

Responsible: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning | Last updated: 18. 02. 2016