Setting up a business in Slovenia

Are you interested in setting up a  business in Slovenia? This portal provides information on what you need to know. Find out which documents are required for cross-border/temporary provision of services in Slovenia and which permits are needed to carry out certain activities or professions.

Economic activity in Slovenia can be performed permanently or on a cross-border/temporary basis.


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For a business to operate in Slovenia  permanently, the owner is required to register the company as a business entity. Economic activity may be performed by an individual or business in a variety of legal and organisational forms. 

If a business or individual wishes to offer services in Slovenia without registering as a company on a temporary basis, the business must fulfil the conditions in the country where the company's head office is located; furthermore, special conditions may also be applied to enter a market. 

The first step in setting up a business in Slovenia is to obtain a visa, the next step is to obtain a business registration, and the third step is to obtain a work permit.